How will the project be delivered?

Our experience in developing Burgess Hill Shed, has shown us that sensible action with community participation can achieve a great deal and we believe that this philosophy can be applied in the same way to create an open community space.

We want the Kiln to be owned by the community and we want stakeholders to be engaged throughout delivery.  We want the Kiln to be an affordable place for users and based on a high level of voluntary contribution because we firmly believe that the more we put into our community the stronger and better it will become.

To accomplish The Kiln we will undertake the project in two parallel parts.  The first will set up, run and develop the Kiln in temporary premises in the Town Centre.  This part will in effect prove the project concept.  The second will set up a Charitable Community Benefit Society to be owned by members of the community.  The Society will raise funds through the community, donations and grants to enable it to either buy or build suitable permanent premises to be owned and run entirely by the community with protection covenants to safeguard ownership and prevent exploitation.

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