When is the KILN open?

The Kiln opened for refurbishment work at the beginning of September 2020 and has been used for several events. Initially, refurbishment work will take priority and there will be limitations on opening times and range of activities available.  The aim is to have most areas of interest covered within 6 months.

If you would like to use the KILN spaces for your group or would like to become a member or volunteer, the Kiln is currently open every Thursday between 0930 and 1530hr when our members will be able to explain the project, show you the premises and discuss our plans.

The Kiln shop is also open every Thursday selling products made by members of Burgess Hill Shed.

Alternatively, please contact us on the contact page.

2 thoughts on “When is the KILN open?”

  1. As a peer mentor, I used to give guided meditations of 10-15mins, will there be a space to meditate or relaxation sessions? Thanks Jas

    1. Jas, there may well be if you think there is demand. We would need to create the right space for it and timing could be an issue if there are noisy activities going on.

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