Why do we need a community centre for these activities?

Whilst there is increasing awareness that health and well-being are improved through meaningful activities in social environments, there are unfortunately fewer local affordable facilities for social services and well-being, leisure and community pursuits in the South Mid Sussex district.  Community interest groups and local charities delivering adult social services are frequently forced to use temporary premises, and are often displaced at short notice and forced to relocate.  This leads to significant disruption, anxiety and stress, and impacts significantly on their performance and the wellbeing of their clients and members.   In addition, there is a lack of opportunity for younger people to engage in extracurricular creative and practical activities which would help their education and enhance their careers.

As we emerge from one of the most significant health and cultural disasters in our time, more than ever we need to rebuild the fabric of our community and give everyone the best opportunity to move forward in the face of significant challenges.  We must help the youngest who have and are likely to suffer greatly through a significant gap in their learning; we must help young people through their education by providing access to extracurricular activity and help them towards meaningful careers; we must help the unemployed and those needing to reposition their lives and prospects; and we must help people suffering mental and physical illness resulting from this terrible experience.

We know that our Government and Local Authorities will have many priorities that will demand attention and will probably prevent the kinds of action we need in our community now.  It therefore seems sensible for the community to work together to solve these problems ourselves rather than rely on others.

We are therefore proposing that we all work together to create The Kiln which will be established by the community, owned by the community and run by the community.

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