Great Wreath Making Day

We had a wonderful afternoon for the Christmas Fun In The Square in Burgess Hill on Saturday 20th November. Is was a very successful day. We had good feedback from the public, telling us how lovely it was to be able to take part in an activity as a family, where the Children could get involved too.  They got to pick three tubes of fabric, three sticks and ribbon,and came over to the sewing machine for the tube’s to be stitched together by a member of Sew Social. Then they took it to the table to sit and stuff the three tubes with wadding using the wooden sticks to push it down. The tubes are over a metre long each!  After plaiting up the tubes they came back to the sewing machine for it to be securely stitched. Then they had the fun job of decorating their Wreaths with, beads, tinsel, berries and bells.  It was lovely to see, and we were very happy we had the opportunity to do it.

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