About BH-Shed


Formed at the beginning of 2016, we began as a group of enthusiastic shedders by meeting in hired premises in Burgess Hill. At first, members brought their own equipment along and either worked in teams making portable benches or in small groups working on personal projects and learning new skills.

In September 2016, we agreed a lease with West Sussex County Council for the use of a redundant workshop at Burnside on the Victoria Industrial Site. The first task was to build workbenches and buy tools and equipment.

Our workshop is now a safe, relaxing and stimulating environment where you can make new friends and have a good time.  It is well-lit and has access and special workbenches for members with mobility problems.  It is equipped with a range of traditional and modern tools, and equipment suitable for wood and metalworking, modelling and a wide range of handicrafts.

It has a break out area with free tea and coffee where members can discuss their projects and topics of the day.


Membership is open to men and women 18 years or older from Burgess Hill and the surrounding area.  Members pay an annual subscription and make a small weekly attendance donation to help with rent and overheads.

Our shed is run by members.  In addition to their own projects, members also carry out various tasks to help develop and run our Shed.  These include making and maintaining equipment, admin, helping other Shed members and making products to sell and raise funds to cover operating costs.

How we are funded

We partly fund the venture through grants, donations from the public and other organisations, and member contributions.  We use donated and recycled materials to repair or make products to sell in the community, and help other groups and businesses with their projects in return for donations.